Our Philosophy

Children are kinaesthetic and sensorial learners. They move about exploring and experiencing the world around them, absorbing stimuli that will promote their development in all domains: Cognitive, Physical and Affective.

We believe that in order to successfully educate the child and meet their needs, we as teachers and parents need to see the child as a whole. Each child is unique with a variety of strengths, talents, interests and needs.

Brentwood Montessori provides opportunities for discovery learning. Through the rotation of learning activities children have exposure to a variety of resources that help them formulate ideas and concepts.

We provide a safe, happy and enriching environment where children can develop to their fullest potential intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially.

We encourage and support the child’s natural curiosity.

We honour inclusion and multiculturalism.

We foster learning through parent involvement.

Brentwood Montessori is making a difference in our community!!!

Contact us:
E-mail: info@Brentwoodmontessori.ca
Address: 101-1950 Bellwood Avenue
Burnaby BC V5B 4Z3